150 Series


Piedmont 150 No.25

Sweet Caporal 150 No.25

Sweet Caporal 150 No.30

Sweet Caporal 150 No.649

Sovereign 150 No.25

Hindu - Brown



The T206 set was printed and distributed as three series, with each designated by the number of subjects (cards) planned to be offered during that series or in addition to the previous series. Several factors led to the number of subjects actually printed not matching the advertised number for each series. For a more detailed explanation of these factors, consult the "Print Groups" section on the Index page.


The 150 Series began production and distribution around May 1909. The first print runs of this series consisted of 150 subjects, all from print group 1. These cards were printed with Piedmont 150, Sweet Caporal 150 and Sovereign 150 backs. In subsequent print runs, five additional cards were added. The first three were Honus Wagner, Eddie Plank and Sam Crawford (Throwing), with the two later additions being Carl Lundgren (Chicago) and Hughie Jennings (Portrait.) These five subjects could have been replacements for five that were discontinued, but at this time more evidence points to them being additions and not replacements for any original 150 subjects.


Also during the first printings of the 150 series, the Magie (Portrait) card was replaced with the corrected Magee (Portrait) card and is considered a necessary variation for completing a 524-card set. This variation and the mid-production additions brings the total number of 150 Series subjects and variations for the 524-card set to 156 cards.


During the final 150 Series offering with Hindu cigarettes, 34 subjects from the supplemental southern league group were included. This group brings the total number of unique subjects and variations printed during the 150 Series to 190 cards. After about four months of production, the 150 Series was concluded and subjects from print group 1 began being printed with 350 Series backs.