Over the years, as more information about the T206 set became known, many times the pipeline to collectors came in the form of publications such as books, pamphlets and catalogs. These publications delivered not only facts about the nuances of T206s but even today reflect the passion that sparked their authors' efforts.

Thanks to the work of researchers who followed, some of the information in the works below has become outdated over time. However, the importance of these publications should not be overlooked, nor should their role in the development of the appreciation shown for T206s today.

The American Card Catalog
T206: Cigarette Baseball Cards
Jefferson Burdick
Richard S. Egan


T206 The Monster
The Encyclopedia Of Baseball Cards Vol. 3
Bill Heitman
Lew Lipset


T206 The First Century
The Mysteries of T206
Art Martineau and Doug Allen
Mark Peavey
2000 (Unpublished)


Inside T206
The T206 Collection: The Players & Their Stories
Scot A. Reader
Tom Zappala & Ellen Zappala