Proofs Gallery


During production of the T206 set, printers created test images, or proofs. The exact reason for each of these proofs is not known, but based on the standard lithograph process there are several possible explanations. Proofs generally are created to test the printing process or to gain final approval of artwork. After the proof is run, it is either approved for production or changes are made to the artwork or printing application.


Proofs are thought to have been run as a single subject or a small group of subjects and exhibit qualities that normal production T206's do not. All proofs have pronounced registration marks on the top, bottom, left and right edges of the image. These marks were used to ensure that each of the color runs were lined up precisely. Proofs were run on new or clean printing surfaces, allowing for the proper application of each color run and resulting in the sharpest image possible. In addition to the registration marks, other printers marks were guidelines for the cards' horizontal and vertical edges. These marks can be seen on some proofs as they were hand cut, and most have uneven borders.


Type 1 Proof

No Team Caption

Type 2 Proof

w/ Team Caption


There are at least two different types of proofs. Type 1 proofs have a complete image with all or a majority of the color runs but do not include the team caption. The team caption, produced by the brown color run during normal T206 production, had not yet been added to these proofs. It's possible that these proofs were created earlier in the proofing process, prior to the team caption being added. Several Type 1 proofs have minor artwork differences from Type 2 proofs and images used for distribution. Type 2 proofs include all or a majority of the six color runs and the team caption. Some examples of proofs that include the team caption are missing one of the six color runs.


The Type 1 proof on the left did not have stripes on the cap like the Type 2 on the right. Also there is a noticeable difference in the shading on the shoulder between the two.

The Type 1 proof on the left did not have the stripes on the cap like the production example on the right. This was the result of a change in artwork and not a missing color run.

The Type 2 proof on the left did not receive all of the color passes like the production example on the right. This can be seen in the tone of the hand and face.