Checklist (Super Prints)


350 Series

460 Series


American Beauty 350 (Frame)

Broad Leaf 350

Cycle 350

Drum 350

Piedmont 350 No.25

Sweet Caporal 350 No.25

Sweet Caporal 350 No.30

Sovereign 350 No.25 (Apple Green)


Broad Leaf 460

Cycle 460

Piedmont 350-460 No.25

Piedmont 350-460 No.42

Sovereign 460 No.25

Sweet Caporal 350-460 No.25

Sweet Caporal 350-460 No.30

Sweet Caporal 350-460 No. 42

Sweet Caporal 350-460 No. 42 OP

Carolina Brights

Hindu - Red

Lenox - Black

El Principe De Gales

Old Mill - Black (Base Ball Subjects)

Polar Bear





The super prints* are a supplemental group of six subjects that were printed in conjunction with three of the four main print groups during the T206 set's production. This resulted in these six cards having the most possible front/back combinations of any subjects in the set. To date, the super print subjects have been confirmed with 24 different backs.


The first use of the super prints in the T206 set was during the production of group 2. These subjects were added to the print runs for American Beauty 350 (Frame), Broad Leaf 350, Cycle 350, Drum 350 and the assorted back Carolina Brights.


At the conclusion of group 2, the super prints began production with group 3. This included printings for Piedmont 350, Sweet Caporal 350, Sovereign 350 (Apple Green) and assorted backs of El Principe De Gales, Old Mill, Polar Bear and Tolstoi.


During the 460 Series, the super prints were included in the printing for the Broad Leaf 460 brand with subjects from group 3. The super prints also were produced with group 3 and group 4 with Piedmont 350-460, Sweet Caporal 350-460 and the assorted brands Lenox and Hindu. Lastly, the super prints were included with all group 4 subjects for the Sovereign 460 printing.


To date, no super print subject has been confirmed with a brown Lenox back, but at this time there is not enough evidence to say that one or more will or will not be confirmed eventually.


*The term "super print" was first coined by Scot A. Reader.