Checklist (150-350 Subjects)


150 Series

350 Series


Piedmont 150 No.25

Sweet Caporal 150 No.25

Sweet Caporal 150 No.30

Sweet Caporal 150 No.649

Sovereign 150 No.25

Piedmont 350 No.25

Sweet Caporal 350 No.25

Sweet Caporal 350 No.30

Sovereign 350 No.25 (Forest Green)

El Principe De Gales

Hindu - Brown

Old Mill - Black (Base Ball Subjects)


The group 1 subjects were the first selected and issued for the T206 set. They were first produced as the 150 Series, which was advertised as 150 Subjects. However, because of team changes, error corrections and additions during production, a total of 159 different cards comprise this print group, all of which are major-league players.


Beginning in summer 1909 this print group was produced and distributed with 150 Series backs. This included distribution with the American Tobacco Company's flagship brands Piedmont, Sweet Caporal and Sovereign, as well as the regional Hindu brand. All 150 Series cards were printed with subjects from group 1.


Later in 1909, the 150 Series was concluded and group 1 began being printing with 350 Series and assorted-brand backs. These backs included Piedmont 350, Sweet Caporal 350, Sovereign 350 (Forest Green), El Principe De Gales and Old Mill (BBS). At the conclusion of these print runs in early 1910, group 1 was discontinued and group 2 began production.



G. Brown, B. Dahlen and K. Elberfeld (Portrait)

During production of group 1, three subjects - George Brown, Bill Dahlen and Kid Elberfeld (Portrait) - had their team designation changed.  These changes were made later in this group's production, resulting in the cards with the new team designation being found only with 350 Series backs.  However, both cards of each subject were printed with group 1.


150 Only

Thirteen subjects in the T206 set can be found only with 150 Series backs, and all are part of group 1. Eleven were pulled from production prior to this group's transition to the 350 Series print runs. The Magie error was caught early in the group's printing, with the corrected Magee taking its place. And as stated previously, the George Brown (Chicago) card was replaced by the George Brown (Washington) card.


Original 150 Subjects

Throughout the T206 set, the Sovereign back brand is an important key for understanding the set's composition. During the early production of the 150 Series, subjects from group 1 were printed with the Sovereign 150 back. Though this group totals 159 subjects, the Sovereign 150 checklist is complete at 150 subjects. This Sovereign checklist is thought to be the original 150 subjects in the set, with the additional nine being updated or added to the print group after the Sovereign 150 printing -- or in the case of Magie/Magee, corrected prior to this printing.


Sovereign 150 No Prints


Brown, George (Washington)

Replaced Brown, George (Chicago)


Crawford, Sam (Throwing)

Later addition to group 1.


Dahlen, Bill (Brooklyn)

Replaced Dahlen, Bill (Boston)


Elberfeld, Kid (Portrait - Washington)

Replaced Elberfeld, Kid (Portrait - New York)


Jennings, Hughie (Portrait)

Later addition to group 1.


Lundgren, Carl (Chicago)

Later addition to group 1.


Magie, Sherry

Corrected with Magee, Sherry (Portrait)


Plank, Eddie

Later addition to group 1.


Wagner, Honus

Later addition to group 1.