Complete Old Mill Ad Gallery


In spring 1910, the American Tobacco Company began a newspaper-ad campaign for its Old Mill brand of cigarettes. The campaign consisted of 26 different advertisements that showed men and women enjoying various leisure activities of the day. The ads featured the line "Baseball pictures and a valuable coupon in each package." A drawing of an Old Mill pack of cigarettes with two cards and a coupon coming out of the top were featured on the lower-right or left-hand side of each advertisement.






Major newspapers ran a new ad twice a week for 13 weeks. Smaller papers ran an ad one day for thirteen weeks. Examples of participating papers and dates:


The Washington Times (Washington D.C.)
March 1 - May 27
Tue & Fri
The Times Dispatch (Richmond, VA)
March 2 - May 28
Wed & Sat
The Sun (Baltimore, MD)
March 2 - May 28
Wed & Sat
The State (Columbia, SC)
March 3 - June 2
Thu & Mon
The Daily Press (Newport News, VA)
March 19 - June 15
Sat & Wed
The Daily Public Ledger (Maysville, KY) - Only Even # Ad's
April 8 - July 1