T206 Oddities in 2013 REA


January 5, 2013 -- REA's annual auction is still months away, but information regarding some of the offerred T206 lots has become avaiable. T206's remain in high demand, and odditites such as scrap and miscuts are one of the more popular niche areas of the white border set. Early highlights from this year's REA auction:


A group of four blank-back printers-scrap cards. Each of these cards has the same brown-color pass on the back as on the front. The image on the back is a reverse of that on the front and includes the player's name and team caption.  Though a few other cards like these have come to market over the years, they are extremely scarce.



Another lot will be a severe top-to-bottom miscut Mickey Doolin that shows a good portion of two different Doolin cards.