2012 Robert Edward Auctions T206 Preview


March 21, 2012 -- REA's annual auction is one of the more anticipated events in the hobby, and this year's offering will not disappoint T206 collectors. The spring auction will offer more than 5,000 T206s ranging from individual cards to near-complete sets. Lots will include the scarcest subjects and the toughest backs in the set. A few highlights:


The newly dubbed "1909 World Series Wagner" is being offered publicly for the first time since the 1997 REA auction. This card includes a significant date stamped on the back: "Oct 16, 1909" was the day Wagner and the Pittsburg Pirates won the deciding Game 7 of the World Series. The stamp and its significance add to what is already a great card. Click Here for more details on this card.




The Joe Pelaez collection, featuring the "Slow Joe" Doyle, NY Nat'l error. While many consider the Wagner to be the "Holy Grail" of the T206 set, it is in fact the Doyle error that keeps many of the hobby's top sets incomplete at 523 cards. Confirmed Wagners outnumber the confirmed Doyle errors by more than 4 to 1. Click Here for more information about the Pelaez Collection.




The T206 oddities market has been commanding strong prices recently, and there will be a number of lots that will interest collectors of these unique cards. These lots will include a group of hand-cut cards, a severely miscut EPDG Needham and a McGraw printer's scrap with multiple print runs on the back.



A back run of the "hands on knees" Charley O'Leary subject that includes blank back, red Hindu and Broad Leaf 460.



The auction also will include four scarce Planks, three Magie errors and many extremely high-grade examples. In total, 37 different back advertisements will be offered, including Uzit, Drum, red Hindu, Broad Leaf 460 and brown Lenox.


The spring auction is expected to be on online by the second week in April. The final date of bidding will be May 12.